A little something about faith, and the subconscious mind

I‘m a man of faith, and as cliché that may sound it is true. Not to be confused with religion though, because I really don’t like religion and I will probably write a blog about that some other time, but let’s just say that I have a problem with anyone claiming that a certain life philosophy is the correct way of living.

When I’m talking about faith I refer to the concepts of following your self, your heart, and your instincts. Life is all but easy, we’re all dealing with hard times at some point in our life and at those times we often question our selves and our previous actions. Whenever that happens I try to analyze my situation to figure out the plausible actions I might take and their consequences. If you have a rational mind with a tendency to analyze situations deeply then you know there’s seldom one perfect answer, so you end up not knowing what you’re supposed to do as your rational mind can only take you so far. This is where you let faith and your instincts lead your way, if you feel like you should pick a specific path then you should act on that.

What’s important here is to differentiate this from ignorance, if you blindly follow your faith and your instincts then you might end up making stupid decisions. Your mental process of rational thinking is one of your greatest gifts you have as a part of the human species, never be afraid to use it! I’ve meet my fair share of people who’re actually afraid of their own thoughts, and that’s of course very destructive.

You should use your faith as the finishing vote to decide which one of the envisioned plausible scenarios you deem to be reasonable ways to pursue things. Let the rational mind work together with your subconscious mind.

I think we have two main processing systems within our minds, the conscious mentation and the subconscious mentation. When I spoke about the rational mind I talked about the conscious mind and when I spoke about faith I was talking about the subconscious mind.

So the obvious question here is “what is the subconscious and why should you trust it?”. I believe it to be a mental activity with access to the same information as your conscious mentation, but it handles the information in a different way.

It helps if you think of your conscious thinking process as algorithms used to access your stored experiences and find new patterns within these experiences based on your current input of information. Now try and imagine the subconscious thinking process in the same manner, like the conscious mind it tries to find patterns within your stored experiences based on your current input of information, but it uses different algorithms to do so.

So whenever i do choices I try to sync both the conscious and the subconscious as much as I can, the conscious mentation is the beginning and the subconscious mentation is the end. And I trust my faith even though know that my actions could cause grand consequences. In the end, we have to trust that our heart (that is; your subconscious mental activity) will lead us on a good path in life.

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    Jul 16, 2010

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