My fascination over the mind is something which i’ll dwell on a lot in this blog, one of the most fascinating aspect I’ve encountered in my life is meditation. I did a weekend course a few years back, it costed me around $150 and at the time that was a big investment for me  as my web development business was fairly new. But I can safely say that it was one of the best investments I’ve made as the knowledge I gained greatly enriched my life.

The basic idea of meditation is quite easy, it’s about noticing your thoughts and letting them go. You do this by realizing that you’re having a thought when the thought appears, you don’t dwell on it, you don’t judge it, you don’t think about it at all… you just, acknowledges that it is a thought and move on. You will enter a meditative state once you’ve repeated this process for a while. It’s hard though and it requires both concentration and training.

Imagine your self sitting on a stone in the middle of a river with logs floating away from you. The river is your mind and the logs are your thoughts. Each time a log floats in to your perception field you notice it, but you instantly let it go without dwelling on anything, It’s not important where the log came from, it’s not important how it looks like and it’s not important where it’s headed. It just exists in the flow of the river. It’s all about letting go and to exist in the moment, being with your self in a non-judging way.

When I’m having a great meditation session it usually goes like this; I get more calm as I let my thoughts flow away. After a while I forget about the future and the past, my awareness of now increases but my awareness of everything else decreases. I don’t notice my thoughts anymore, they’re just flowing past me like logs on a river headed into the unknown of my subconscious mind. A dreamlike state is induced where my thoughts manifests them selves as dreams of events. But it isn’t exactly a dream either for I am conscious and I view the dream more like a movie than something I take part in. It can be of a mixture of things happening in my life, a memory which I might have forgotten or anything you can think of really. After a little while I let that thought go too, and I wake up in an empty but bright room where I find total peace of mind, I exist there for a while until I forget my self again and letting another thought become a dreamlike movie. This can happen a few times until I feel finished with the meditation session.

Afterwards I feel refreshed, like my brain had a reboot and I’m able to achieve full focus on whatever matter I need to attend to. I remember having a day a few months ago when I really needed to work but I couldn’t get anything done, it just wasn’t possible… so that evening I finally sat down and had a half hour meditation session like the one I just described. When I finished I went straight to my computer and had a 2-3 hour fully disciplined work session where I finished everything that needed to be done.

But this isn’t just good for work discipline, it helps in a lot of situations. It’s good for anchoring your self in the present, it cures confusion, stress and it synchronizes your feelings.

These days I’m kind of sporadic in my meditation, sadly it only happens a few times each week, sometimes less than that. But I had a period just after my course where I meditated a little bit each day for months, and the effects it had was amazing! I just felt happier in general and was able to achieve good work discipline.

I can also recommend doing it to classical music, it’s quite enjoyable and it makes the initial time needed to induce a meditative state less boring.

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