Mental frameworks

A mental framework is a system applied to your mentation, it’s purpose is to give your mind automated processes to handle certain thoughts, feelings or situations. This does in fact happen all the time for everyone but we are seldom aware of it.

An example I’m guessing we all can relate to is our response to the questions “How are you” or “What’s up” when asked by someone you don’t know of care for. We don’t debate the issue with our selves , we just give them a short answer without thinking twice about it because it is an automated process.

Now; imagine that you could consciously build your own mental frameworks to potentially automate any process? That is what I have been experimenting with, consciously building systems to automate my minds response to certain situations.

How do I do it? I am applying the experience and knowledge I’ve gained about the mind and my self by meditation and mindfulness, as described in a prior blog.

About two years ago, when I joined the TuneRights project, did my work situation begin a transition from a normal workload into a work related nightmare one and a half year later. One thing with me is that I’ve always felt like I can become more than I am, and I still do! But one thing I kept obsessing over was to improve my own discipline and ability to handle a lot of work and stress. So I basically invented two systems for managing my life; an external system which I’ve been describing before, and an internal system, or mental framework if you will.

The mental framework was built and enhanced over many months until it reached (in it’s context) perfection. This mental framework which enabled me to work well above my own capacity was based on a two principles:
“Always keep your goal in mind, know what you’re working towards.”
“If you are able to form thoughts, those should be aimed towards your goal.”

Do you see what I did? I stated to my self that I should always have my goal in my thoughts, and whenever I am able to form thoughts it should be towards that goal, which means that every waking second of my life is booked for work. This was a simple description, the structure of my system had a lot more nuances in reality.

The system was great, one could even say perfect from a theoretical point of view. Foremost, it worked! I was able to handle my work alone when I in reality needed a duplicate me to do it all. The system had one fatal flaw though, which lead to it’s demise. The system assumed that time equals energy. The system operated on the premise that each day has a number of usable hours when in reality a day has a quantity of mental energy.

The human mind is a fascinating and wonderful invention, which is why I feel such a desire to experiment with it. Be aware though, that it can shatter when treated improperly. I learned this the hard way.

What i did to my mind over a period of many months, finally reaching it’s peak in January this year, when every waking second of my life was spent working either as being responsible for the development of TuneRights or finishing all my deadlines concerning programming work. I slept for an average of three hours per night to have the time for all my work, compensating by drinking energy drinks.

What happened was nothing less than a brain reboot which spurred a smaller life crisis. An event slipped through my mental framework and destroyed it from the inside, which resulted in a wave of probabilities and behaviors concerning me that had slipped my mind due to all my automated processes. But it gave me so much insight that I can in retrospect say that it was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Still, one needs to be careful with the mind, it can’t take anything you throw at it!

But when used properly, the skill to create these frameworks is tremendously valuable, it gives you the power to do what you have to do or act in the way you have to act, even feel in the way you have to feel. At least, this is what I think, I’m pretty sure that people with very different personalities would find all this alien and maybe even a bit crazy.

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  1. Alex
    Jul 5, 2010

    To someone so feeling as me, I feel that it sounds robotic, to just do things in a system without really intending or not intending. Depressing XD But I think I had a framework like what you describe for my teenage years, and it was very depressing, and so maybe that’s why I feel that way.

  2. Tobias Wallin (Mentation Away)
    Jul 5, 2010

    Thanks J, That looks very interesting!

    Alex: Yes I get your view, and it’s certainly not something one would create to further enhance the joy of ones life . I’ve had other uses for this skill though, the skill has helped me manage my thoughts in an emotional crisis for example.

    Basically every situation has many viewpoints and it’s sometimes hard to see that clearly… But you can sometimes ease a situation by redirecting the thoughts in such a way that they don’t further any angst or other negative emotions.

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