There are several destructive forces within us which we need to conquer. Bad self-esteem is one of them, spiting one self is another. I’d argue that the most destructive force of them all is fear, this primal drive that supposedly is meant to save us from harm. How does it fit in into todays advanced and comfortable society?

Fear sure is interesting, it hinders us from subjecting our selves to dangerous situations like climbing mountains, going to war or driving too fast.

But wait a minute, people do those things all the time right? People are so obsessed with this emotion of fear that they can get obsessed with conquering it, like with a drug they get addicted to subjecting them selves to more and more dangerous situations just to feel the thrill of conquering their own fear.

Let’s be honest here, humanity is a race of conquers. We conquer in all forms and styles but we live for conquest none the less, we find this fact everywhere, even in our entertainment. World of Warcraft is probably the most popular game of all times, because it’s based on conquest.

Fear comes in all shapes and forms, we’re afraid not only of life threatening situations but of approaching love, or just speaking fondly of our own abilities. We can get so afraid that some of us can’t even face this comfortable western world we’ve been gifted with. The pressure of this luxurious world can be so high that we kill our selves just because we’re afraid of not living up to it’s expectations.

Most people of the western world seem to be so dependent on it’s comforts that they wouldn’t know what to do without them, and so they’re afraid to take risks that might compromise their comforts. As a result of this fear many people never live their dreams, they never do what they always wanted because they’re afraid to lose what they’ve got.

Having a good self-esteem is of course a huge factor in living an enriching life, but some people have so bad self-esteem that they simply don’t see any point in living out their dreams, they believe them selves to be so worthless or so hopeless that they could never reach their goal or their dream anyway. They’re afraid of failure.

Let’s think about this for a minute. “Afraid of failure”. Why are people afraid to fail? There’s not a single human being in this world who hasn’t failed on one occasion or another! Most people fail plenty of times in their lifetime. Why is it that some of us are so desperately afraid of failure that they just don’t bother trying, they seriously seem to believe that they’d be happier not trying than to face the risk of failure.

This is a very passionate subject for me and it’s probably apparent in my way of writing. I’ve known and I know people who are so afraid of failure that they just don’t bother trying. I can see their potential, especially one of them is just so tremendously gifted, she could go far and be an amazing asset to this world. She doesn’t see it because she feels hopeless, she doesn’t even want to try.

We’re pressuring our selves and those around us to such a degree that they mentally shut down. All in the name of conquest!…?

I’ve managed to conquer a lot of fears recently and I still have many to conquer. Publicly writing down my thoughts in this blog was actually one of my fears. Not so much start a blog as really writing about what I’m walking around thinking about day out and day in, they’re personal thoughts and I didn’t want to share them except with those very few people being close to me.

I would suggest to anyone that they ask their fears to literally fuck off! Share your thoughts and more importantly, follow your dreams and live your life precisely as you want it to be. It’s within your grasp, but I can assure you that fear will work against it.

Should we listen to our fears or to our dreams?

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  1. Leo Ryberg
    Jul 15, 2010

    In my opinion, failure is just what we are used to calling it when we get an unexpected result that is not useful for our purposes.

    I do not see why one should fear this. What I fear, is futility and stalemate.

  2. Tobias Wallin (Mentation Away)
    Jul 16, 2010

    I disagree, failure can be very useful if one treats it right, Learn from ones mistakes right!

  3. Leo Ryberg
    Jul 16, 2010

    Yes. I never denied that.

  4. Tobias Wallin (Mentation Away)
    Jul 16, 2010

    Well, I deem I deem most failures if not all to be useful for my purposes, for the very purpose I failed even.

    I guess my point is that I don’t really see usefulness of the result as a part of the failure.

    Actually, I’m not exactly sure what you mean then? :)

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