Encouraging the formation of new ideas

The human brain is a marvelous computation device, it enables us to form ideas based on our surroundings, our knowledge, our memories and our beliefs (which in it self of course is a set of ideas). Let’s call these factors on which ideas are based as information flow.

I did in a prior blog explain the conscious and the subconscious as different sets of algorithms used to access and process the information flow within the human mind, I’m going to further elaborate on this in a new direction trying to explain the generation of ideas.

Everyone can relate to the sensation of having an idea, it can be a small one or a big one. It may concern the very present or the distant future, it may concern your self or humanity as a whole. Many ideas are thrown away into forgetfulness due to various circumstances, we may think they’re unachievable, that they’re obvious, or just too insignificant. For whatever reason we throw away our ideas I think it’s a big mistake. I believe we can train our minds to become a lot more creative by just humoring our ideas, however insignificant or obvious the may seem.

Think of a really great idea you’ve had, concerning whatever subject. Now try to remember and understand how you got that idea. Chances are that it’s based on other less significant ideas and understandings which you didn’t give much notice.

Let’s view the concept “idea” as rather wide and include the concept “understanding” in it as an understanding is an idea about a specific subject.

I argue that the mechanism behind the formation of ideas is a fractal motion within our minds, we form them all the time, and at certain points in time due to various circumstances the mind find new synergies between these small and probably insignificant ideas, what then happens is that a larger more significant idea is formed based on your prior ideas. We could imagining us continuing this pattern by forming even larger and more significant ideas by letting the mind find synergies amongst the larger (as well as the smaller) ideas. The more ideas we have stored in our minds the more information flow can be used as a basis for new ideas.

So the mind form more significant ideas by finding synergies between the less significant ideas, this ongoing loop can take you far if you just let it happen. My reasoning here is that we should improve upon our ability to pay attention when ideas we deem unworthy or obvious take place inside us, don’t forget that what is obvious for you might not be obvious to someone else, and even if it’s obvious to everyone it’s still an idea which can be used in future synergies to form other ideas.

It might be the case that you don’t wish to share your ideas, especially not the ones you deem obvious or insignificant, and that’s understandable. But keep a record of your ideas for your self, just the act of writing them down both stores the idea in your memory and encourages your mind to elaborate on it. Your subconscious mind will work hard without you even noticing it on your acknowledged ideas if you just give it the opportunity.

Of course all this happens all the time within us as an automated process, but imagine if you could double the output of this mechanism simply by being more aware of it and training it?

Some of the influences behind the ideas of this blog are:
Isomorphisms between systems and meanings
(As explained in GEB – Gödel, Escher Bach)
Fractal Geometry (Especially the visualization of the Mandelbrot Fractal)
Ogden’s Triangle (As explained in “Att mena och mäta samma sak“)
Awareness on how my idea for Handelsoasen was formed (Which is secret for now)

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