The importance of visualization

I wrote about ideas in a prior blog, arguing that more significant ideas are formed when your mind finds synergies between your less significant ideas in an on going fractal motion. The basic idea was that we could boost our creative process by nurturing our less significant ideas even if they seem obvious or meaningless.

This blog may be viewed as a follow-up blog concerning the subject of ideas. Let’s in this context define the concept “Idea Fractal” as a pattern connecting any number of ideas into a more significant whole. I would advice anyone reading this to read my prior blog and to have an basic understanding about fractal geometry and the isomorphism between fractal geometry and most things imaginable.

Imagine one of these idea fractals leading up to an idea you’d like to pursue, but the idea is at this point only a concept in your imagination, you know what you want to achive but you don’t know how to get there. The first step here would be to make a thorough visualization of your idea, this visualization will spur another idea fractal based on the idea fractal that lead you to this point. One way of viewing it would be to assume both idea fractals to be one and the same, which technically would be true. However, while the first idea fractal took you to the realization on what you want to do, the idea fractal spurred by your visualization will be more oriented on how you’re going to get there.

This is a very crucial step towards reaching your idea, having an idea is the easy part, getting there requires a lot more work. Not to be discouraged though! Visualization is a huge part in this process and mastering this art will most certainly be helpful in more than one way.

There are methods and tools one can use to visualize ideas and as I’m writing this blog I’m realizing that I should probably write a blog explaining these methods and tools next. I will, however focus on the more abstract part of the process in this blog.

So what does it really mean to visualize something? I will again refer to the mentation as something fractal, for visualizing something usually starts with imagining your idea in relation to where you are or what you have right now. Once you’ve tasted the end idea your mind will start planning on how to get there, this process is both complex and trainable.

Our mind likes to exist in reality, where anything imaginable will mostly be based on your current attributes and skills. This is a rather ineffective way to visualize something as it limits your imagination to your own human core, instead of the possibilities in this world.

To effectively visualize something you need to drop your immediate reason and use your imagination as far as you can take it. You need to imagine every needed aspect to make your idea a reality, and the key here is to imagine aspects which you have no clue on how to fulfill. The usual trap is to only imagine aspects you feel comfortable in handling, but that is a limitation that will cause you serious set backs in your process of visualization.

I would define visualization as a process aimed at defining an abstract structure and plan on how to achieve your idea or goal. We do this by imagining every possible aspect needed for your idea based on the end goal and not your own attributes and skills. It is very important to think outside ones own little box to do this right.

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