Who am I?

This blog is about my thoughts and experiences in my quest to better understand the world, my self and the tools I use to enhance my thinking process, productivity and creativity.

My interests which I will discuss in this blog include system construction, information management, human interaction, the wonders of the mind, theoretical physics and philosophical thinking which can be applied to all these interests and so much more.

A lot of the stuff I will discuss in my blogs are not just theoretical for me but are thoughts and practices I have applied in my work and other aspects of my life. I have discovered my things in my quest to improve, and to better understand it all and to communicate it to the world I have created this blog.

Who am I?

I’m not sure my self, but I do know my name to be Tobias Wallin and I:

  • Am a work-o-holic.
  • Have friends despite of my work-o-holicness.
  • Compose some pretty decent classical music.
  • Know that Bach is better than sex.
  • See entrepreneurship as a kind of system development.
  • Can’t whistle.
  • Am an INTJ.
  • Like to write these blogs on the subway or in my bathroom.
  • Have a visions for the ultimate project management system.
  • Love the Civilization series.
  • Seem to appear cold and reserved to many people.
  • Think many people have way too much emotions.
  • Love to talk about visions, systems, logic or philosophy.
  • Hate smalltalk.
  • Am very honest, sometimes brutally. Seriously, people get mad.
  • Love the book Gödel, Escher, Bach – An eternal golden braid.
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